Sohigian Productions is a boutique personal management company that specializes in assisting foreign national Entertainment personnel working in the United States, or for US companies filming abroad; as well as US citizens and residents.

We can help you:

By establishing your right to work in the US through help with securing your US Work Visa and guiding you through union membership requirements.

By helping with income management, tax planning, bill paying, establishing banks accounts, and applying for credit.

By dealing with production companies to insure prompt invoicing and correct payment for your services.

Dawn Sohigian has over a decade of experience in personal management for entertainment industry artists, including cinematographers, film and TV directors, production and costume designers, actors, film editors, producers, and others.
Beginning with assistance in securing US work visas and Green Cards, Sohigian Productions assists clients in dealing with employers, unions, and other Entertainment offices, with US and state income tax filing requirements, establishing bank accounts, and with any miscellaneous business that may present itself, such as renting an apartment or leasing a car. Living and working in a foreign country can be difficult, and the staff of Sohigian Productions is dedicated to helping our clients through any and all difficulties.